Monday, November 16, 2009

John Biver of Champion News on Andy Martin

An important ‘fyi' for voters regarding perennial candidate Andy Martin
Posted: November 12, 2009

By John Biver

Martin had been described by state psychiatrists as having a "moderately severe character defect manifested by well-documented ideation with a paranoid flavor and a grandiose character."

-- From the Wikipedia entry on Andy Martin

I read this in Dave Diersen's email this morning:

"Is Champion News' John Biver exaggerating Patrick Hughes' campaign cash?"

Along with it was a link to a website by perennial candidate Andy Martin.

I did speak with downstate radio talk show host Scott Doody the other day but I said no such thing. I have never spoken to Pat Hughes or any members of his campaign team about how much money he was raising or how much he planned on raising.

To read more about Andy Martin for the purpose of understanding how he processes information, I'd refer readers to this Wikipedia entry:

Andy Martin (U.S. politician)

One of the quintessential Martin quotes is this one from the New York Times:

In another motion, filed in 1983, Mr. Martin wrote, "I am able to understand how the Holocaust took place, and with every passing day feel less and less sorry that it did."

Enough said.

For entertainment purposes only, click here and here to watch videos of Andy Martin in action.

Post Script: This afternoon I had another good conversation with Scott Doody, who reiterated what I already knew - poor Andy Martin got it wrong.

John Biver is the Editor of Champion News.

Also, here's an entertaining video of what another reader put together on Martin's big conference this past Spring: "watch video"

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