Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Illinois Senate Candidate, Andy Martin Denied Consumer Fraud Claim Against Maryland Business.

U.S. Senate Candidate,
Andy Martin
Has Lost
Another Battle in His Claim
to "National Conference Tapes"

It didn't take long for the Montgomery County, Maryland Office of Consumer Protection to determine that Illinois Senate candidate, Andy Martin, is up to his old tricks filing frivolous claims which he obviously had no right to file in the first place.

In the case which Mr. Martin claimed that Maryland business owner, Scott Shirley of ADR Productions had stolen the tapes where the company had filmed Martin during his so-called "National Conference on Barack Obama's Missing Birth Certificate and College Records", the complaint was dismissed as having no merit to constitute fraud. Martin had claimed fraud by Shirley and demanded that the tapes, which are the property of ADR Productions, be given to Martin for free. Martin claimed to have been a customer of the production company but it was determined that he actually had never been a customer. "We never had a contract with Mr. Martin and we never had offer and acceptance of any money. The real fraud is Mr. Martin lying about being our customer, which he had claimed, to Consumer Protection and the Better Business Bureau." Shirley stated.

It seems Martin continues to be on the short end of the stick as his conspiracy theory flames seem to be burning out. It was one week ago today that ADR Productions had won a victory in court when they granted a final protection order against Martin for harassment. I'd say it's a 0 and 2 count with only one more strike 'til your out Mr. Martin.

Shirley says he will be glad to offer a sync license for use of the footage contained in the tapes. He estimates that the total cost for the full three hours of tape would run in the area of $10,000. He has also considered just destroying them due to the content contained within the tapes.

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