Friday, August 28, 2009

Andy Martin...There Is No "Stolen Tape" Conspiracy!


Mr. Martin has fabricated the story of the so-called "Stolen Tapes" The tapes which he refers to are NOT and have NEVER been his property.

ADR Productions was hired by an individual from another state back in March 2009 to film what was titled "National Conference on Barack Obama's Missing Birth Certificate and College Records". The conference turned out to be Mr. Martin talking before 4-6 people in a hotel room in Washington, DC. He outlined his conspiracy theory on President Obama and the State of Hawaii. He announced a boycott of Hawaii and it was over.

Mr. Martin was not a part of the contract between ADR Productions and the client. After ADR Productions fulfilled the contract obligations with the client, Mr. Martin requested that the video footage be edited further to his likings. ADR Production refused to contract with Mr. Martin to work on his project.

Now, keep in mind that the production company owns "Intellectual Property Rights" to anything they film and the original contract was not with Mr. Martin.

Mr. Martin would not take a hint when his calls and e-mails kept going unanswered by ADR. He then started threatening the company with frivolous lawsuits and complaints with the BBB and Consumer Protection. He claims he is the owner of the tapes in question. ADR Productions had no choice but to send a registered letter to Mr. Martin asking him to leave them alone. The owner of the company then had to file a "Peace Order" against Mr. Martin. This is when it got crazy.

Mr. Martin was so upset that he was refused services and issued a peace order that he went off the deep end with a concocted story about how he owned this video footage and it was stolen by the owner of ADR. He claims that the owner of ADR Productions, it’s client, the judge who issued the protective order and the Washington Post, (for covering the story), are all Obama Operatives and now Mark Kirk Operatives working to destroy his run at the Illinois senate in 2010. This reads like a Robert Ludlum book.

This is strictly Mr. Martins way of drawing attention to himself in a time where he is feeling neglected by the world around him. Don’t forget, only 4-6 people showed up to hear his so-called “National Conference”. I would feel neglected too.

The bottom line…Martin has proven he is not playing with all 52 cards in the deck. The tapes are just ramblings of a “mad man” and the tapes belong to the production company which has a great reputation among it’s customers and the Washington Metropolitan area. It was just unfortunate that ADR Productions got involved in the project from the start.

This story really is not as sensational as Mr. Martin would like it to be. I do believe the readers of this information are smart enough to figure out fact from fiction among all of Mr. Martin’s writings and ramblings.

God Bless America.

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