Sunday, January 3, 2010

Andy Martin Attacks Gay Community Again!

Independent Senate Candidate Andy Martin Continues His Gay Bashing Tone of Voice!

In Martin's latest blog titled: "U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin exposes media lies and corruption in Chicago", Martin removes any doubt about his view on the gay community with more of his gay bashing statements. 

After Martin was rightfully blasted by the public and media for his attack ad on December 28, 2009 accusing senate candidate Mark Kirk for being a closet homosexual, he released a statement which read:

 “Let me be clear. Homosexuality is not the issue.
Every person is entitled to privacy, and everyone is
entitled to equal protection of the laws..."

Martin now releases his latest blog with statements like:

"The homosexual scandal in Republican Party politics is just in its early stages."

"Martin says that local media used a crooked local political leader who supports gay bars and Mark Kirk to attack Martin’s campaign, without telling viewers/listeners/readers the truth."

 Well let's look at his last statement.  Does he have a problem with people who support gay bars?  Is there really such a thing as a homosexual scandal?  If so, does Martin believe in a heterosexual scandal?  In my opinion, these are little trigger statements which lead me to believe Martin is attacking the gay community just as he has previously attacked the Jewish community.

Martin continues his blog by saying:

"Pat Brady is a Mark Kirk stooge, and a supporter of holding Republican (John McCain) events in gay bars.  The advertisement which prompted Mr. Brady to come forward and oppose my campaign concerned Mark Kirk's homosexual issues."

"During the 2008 campaign Mr. Brady, as “John McCain leader for Illinois,” sponsored a “bar event” in “Boystown,” the homosexual neighborhood in Chicago. Would viewers/listeners/readers have liked to know Brady had a history of sponsoring homosexual activity in the Republican Party? You be the judge:"

Wow!  If it looks like a rat and it smells like a rat is it not a rat?

Now here's the "Bombshell" as Andy Martin would say:

" no to continuing corruption of the Illinois Republican Party
by former Speaker Dennis Hastert’s homosexual operatives."

"If you want to fight political and moral corruption in Washington,- please vote for me."

 He ends his blog with this:

"MONDAY: Who is John McGovern and what is his connection
to Mark Kirk and the “homosexual GOP culture…in Illinois.”

I guess we will all have to tune in on Monday, January 4, 2010 to see how Martin will blast more holes into the bottom of his already sinking ship.

I do have to side track here and point out a statement Martin made in his blog.  He says:

"Not many real Republicans would support a candidate backed
by a crooked, violent psychopath like Pat Brady."

Crooked, Violent Psychopath.   These are words normally reserved for those describing Martin himself.  Hmmm!

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  1. This guy is a nut case all the way.

  2. You have made some great points in breaking down what Andy Martin is really trying to say. It's a shame we have him holding up here in Chicago. I wonder if we can trade him for a wild bore in Africa?