Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jack Roeser Speaks for Himself

Posted: January 06, 2010

By Jack Roeser

When there is an unauthorized use of your name, by discredited Senate candidate Andy Martin in this case, the old adage is "don't wrestle in the mud with a pig, you just get muddy and the pig likes it."

However, Martin continues to run his ad, and its subject is so salacious it won't die down.

Martin has a long reputation for running for office, suing people, and making irresponsible statements. I have no connection with Martin and I don't like what he does. I resent his unauthorized use of my name in his ad. WLS radio says they can't legally stop it.

Martin plucked out one of the many bad positions taken by Senate candidate Mark Kirk that I had enumerated. The list includes carbon tax and trade, abortion support, opposition to marriage being one man and one woman, his NARAL support rating, and a rumor of homosexuality which he lifted into his ad and named me as the source.

The rumor has had wide circulation in Washington, D.C. and Illinois. We didn't start it, and mentioned it only in a long list of things that should be cleared up by Mark Kirk before the primary election. The Republican Party should not be again stuck with a scandal such as that of former Florida GOP Congressman Mark Foley which led to extensive Republican loses in 2006. Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert also saw his reputation damaged as a result of his failure to responsibly handle the broad issue of homosexuality and public service.

Recommended reading: "Do We Have a Right to Know If Candidates Are Gay? "

Jack Roeser is the Chairman and founder of Otto Engineering Inc., and the Publisher of Champion News.

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