Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Andy Martin Digs Hole for Himself.

Mr. Martin has taken his conspiracy theories to a new level and completely discredited himself as evidenced by his letter to Eric Holder at the Dept. of Justice (see yesterday's post). No one here is taking Mr. Martin serious about his fiction spun stories which seem to come straight from a Robert Ludlum novel. The title of such a book would most likely be "The Martin Conspiracy".

The sad part about Mr. Martin is the fact that he actually believes his stories are true. He ends up wasting a great deal of our State and Federal resources on his demented ideas and law suits. In 12 days Martin will go before the Judge which he made the following statement about "Judge McCally is either professionally incompetent as a judge, in that she signs serious court orders which are facially bogus, or she is a political hatchet operator who is acting in concert and conspiracy with Shirley and his Obama-related operatives. No sensible judge would act the way she did." We will keep you updated on how this turns out.

You have to feel bad for a man who is slowly spinning down the toilet bowl.

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