Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Court Orders Andy Martin To Stop Harassing ADR Productions. A Court Battle He Couldn't Win!

On August 24, 2009 in a Montgomery County, Maryland courtroom, Judge Simmons order Andy Martin to not have any contact with ADR Productions and the company owner, Scott Shirley due to "clear and convincing evidence...the Respondent (Mr. Martin) committed the following act: Harassment."

As we know, the loss in court makes Mr. Martin very upset. He was actually stupid enough to criticize the court prior to the hearing. Would you expect less from a man who has had an unfavorable psychiatric evaluation?

Mr. Martin actually believes that Mr. Shirley, Montgomery County and Judge McCally, who issued the original order, have conspired with President Obama and what Mr. Martin calls "Obama Operatives" to destroy his dreamed up run for senate in Illinois. Guess what Andy? You have been running since 1976 and you have NEVER won. You couldn't win class clown if you tried.

The good news is Mr. Martin did not get locked up so we won't have to worry about him walking around naked and staging hunger strikes like he did the last time he was locked up. Ewwww, the vision I just got.

As you have probably guessed, Andy wants to sue everyone involved including the guy that empties the trash at night in the courthouse. They are all "Obama Operatives". Yeah right. I'm sure the people of Maryland are really concerned about his candidacy so much that they are spying on him and reporting back to President Obama on a shoephone or shortwave radio watch.

Don't get me wrong, Mr. Martin can sound eliquent when his listeners are drunk. But seriously, drunks have better things to do, don't they? Just check out this video we came across of Mr. Martin at his so-called National Conference on Barack Obama's Missing Birth Certificate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLq0rP4QXWE, then decide how well he speaks.

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